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Horse Reality is a free-to-play horse sim with exquisite images, set in the real world with a realistic breeding and colour genetic system. You can create your own estate while breeding horses for perfect bloodlines or colours. The city allows you to travel around the world to gather horses to breed and train as well as bargain with other players.

You’re able to participate in competitions to win medals with horses you’ve been training. You can perform in horse shows to collect rosettes and predicates for your horses. Or go to the university to earn a degree and start your own company.

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Breeds and Colourgenetics

In Horse Reality, you have the possibility to travel around the world. Every continent has their unique feral horses that you can catch and train or bring back home to trade with other players. The HR Foundation contains different bloodlines in each continent. You can also visit the marketplace to buy horses with fresh bloodlines and rare colours.

We invite you to breed horses with all kinds of colours and stats. We’ve created a breeding system that mimics real-life genetics! Currently offering 54 different genes that determine the colour, health, conformation and stats of your horse.


Which Equestrian are you?

The Collector

Do you like to travel the world collecting as many different breeds and colors as possible? Then you’re a collector!

The Entrepreneur

Do you want to get a degree at the university as quickly as possibly to start your own company? That makes you an entrepreneur!

The Competitor

Do you plan on training tons of horses to compete with them at all levels in order to get in the rankings? That kind of devotion makes you a competitor!

The Socializer

Are you mainly here to socialize with other people, breeding and training casually? You’re definitely a socializer!


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