We are always looking for artists who can match our style and have the time to make art every month or two months. In order to apply you need to have a PayPal account, give us your price per artwork (or breed) and show us an example where you match our style. Please note that if you are hired, any art you create for Horse Reality, automatically becomes the intellectual property of Studio Deloryan. However, you are allowed to display the released work on your portfolio.

Character Artist

What you will do

  • Create the NPC's for the game.
  • Create customizable characters (different types of hair, eyes, clothes, etc).

Who you are

  • You love creating characters and are capable to draw on a large canvas (approx. 2000+ px) when needed.
  • You are able to create a person based on some references and a short description about the character.
  • You are able to match the style of our current NPC's.
  • You use Photoshop or a similar program and can export the work to a .psd file.
  • You are able to send us an organized file with layers, so we can customize things if needed.


We will update Horse Reality monthly and to maintain order in the chaos we usually seek moderators to help us out. In order to apply you need to have an account on Horse Reality, be at least 18 years old, are active in the game and have a professional and friendly attitude towards players.

Please note that I'd like to hold a Skype call (cam and voice) with all applicants to get to know everyone a bit better.


What you will do

  • Close outdated topics
  • Help out players in the Help Desk section of the forum
  • Redirect topics to different sections and help the player to get the right section next time
  • Update titles, posts or comments with foul language and warn the player
  • Warn admins if a topic or player goes out of control

Who you are

  • When you login to Horse Reality, the first thing you like to do is check the forum for new posts.
  • You like to help players and don't mind if they keep asking questions. Even when the answer might seem obvious to you, you will remain a friendly attitude.


What you will do

  • When a gameupdate has been made, you will update the wiki if necessary.
  • Proofread Horse Reality's wiki articles, to correct grammar or sentences.
  • Write articles about Horse Reality content with the given information from the admins.
  • Contact admins if you are missing content to write a new article.

Who you are

  • You love writing and have great writing and research skills.
  • A native English speaker or a proficient English speaker/writer.
  • Like to work together to write the best articles.
  • Have time to write or edit at least one article a month (preferably more).