Two months after open beta release

Two months after open beta release

21 Apr 2017

Can you believe it? It's already been two months since we've released the Open Bèta of Horse Reality. How time flies! We had a bit of trouble in the beginning, but things seem to have quieted down now. On opening night, it quickly became apparent our old server couldn't handle all the connections, the sheer number of players en displaying all the images we have in the game. As most hosting companies weren't available during the weekend (one lesson we've learned: never open a game after 05.00 PM Friday afternoon!), we had to wait until next week before we could rent, install and start playing with a better one.

But now that that's all behind us, we hope you've been enjoying the game so far! We are truly grateful for all of you to help us testing the game and reporting the bugs on the forum. That gives us the best opportunity to fix as much as we can, and discuss with you some new features.

Most of you have probably seen a lot of updates already (all the trouble with the horse market was hard to go unnoticed for example), but there's even more we've done behind the scenes. Therefore we wanted to write this new devlog, to show you just how much we've been able to do with all your help already. But as long as this list is, it also proves we're not finished yet, so stay tuned for more!


  • Added banners and horses to all front pages;
  • Finished up all texts and styling for the activation e-mails;
  • Added items to all stores, and updated the city map with our new art;
  • Changed the design of the horse summary;
  • Finished the "request password" and "reset password" e-mails;
  • Enabled the password reset/request password URLS;
  • Updated the complete site from HTTP to HTTPS (more secure);
  • Display current estate capacity, including reserved stables (when you are the highest bidder on the horse market);
  • We have closed wildlife parks that don't have wild horses yet;
  • Altered and updated the calculations for the competition results;
  • Added breadcrumbs to all pages in the forum;
  • Updated the forum layout;
  • Added al javascript messages to the English language file, for easy translations;
  • Added new images for the stores, airport, university, veterinarian, etc;
  • Removed all unused icons/images from the files;
  • Integrated all of the above to the Dutch website (;
  • Upped the catching rate of wild horses from 30 to 40%;
  • Closed the areas in the city that weren't finished yet;
  • Changed the amount of XP that is earned in the game;
  • Display the horse's sex in the market;
  • Added a list of the player's own forum topics on his/her user profile for the time being (will work on notifications later);
  • Updated the design of the page that displays online users;
  • Added some badges to admins and moderators, to make it easier to distinguish them from players;
  • Display predicates on the horse profiles;
  • Daily cronjobs are adjusted. Horses will still age automatically, but feeding/watering and such will only go down now if you've been online in the last 24 hours;
  • Disabled the function to "create a company", since the rest isn't working yet;
  • Turned partial area's in the city map grey for non-available areas;
  • Cleaned up the Horse Reality Foundation, to display only 4 horses of each breed again;
  • Added wildlife tickets, foundation tickets and money as a reward when going up a level;
  • Display a message in the horses' page, when you don't have any horses yet;
  • Altered the forum design and made avatars of users clickable;
  • Display notifications if you are on a different continent, to give users more awareness of why you cannot breed your horse or enter in a competition or inspection;
  • Basic training is added, to keep your horse occupied while he/she isn't three years old yet;
  • Horses can now officially die, this happens due to old age (25+) or due to having a serious condition like Overo Lethal White syndrome.

Image: a foal who started his basic training


  • Updated the registration page of Horse Reality, since some things went wrong when registering to the site;
  • Make sure that OLW/OLW horses aren't caught from the wildlife parks again since they shouldn't be alive;
  • Horse gets new energy if it has received enough food/water (+25%);
  • Changed the activation of the users, since it didn't update when the link was clicked;
  • Updated language files with better translations;
  • Stopped displaying the complete genetics code, which should only be displayed for admins to check if displayed images are correct;
  • Couldn't enter foals in the inspections;
  • User URL working again when a user has a space in his name. This isn't possible now and all spaces have been changed to underscores;
  • Made sure to not use strange characters in usernames: dashes, underscores and letters only;
  • Stopped displaying "milestones" on the user profiles, since they weren't working yet;
  • Added the Norman Cobs to the inspections, since we apparently forgot;
  • Users whose names don't start with a capital letter can also edit their topics and comments now;
  • Resized the displayed icons on the inspections to get an easier overview. Made sure to display all breeds each time, rather than 6 different breeds every 3 hours;
  • Market overhaul; After sending a horse to the market, you can now accept the highest offer on your horse, create a private trade or cancel the trade. There are also 3 new pages added to view your own trades, private trades made for you and view your offers;
  • Display page numbers in the market;
  • Made sure that horses are now born in the right continent (the mother's location) and made sure that Frame isn't tested yet when the horse isn't born with lethal genetics;
  • Integrated a new email service, to ensure fast delivery of game e-mails which are used for activation e-mails, reset password, etc;
  • Some predicates were wrongfully earned, so they have been removed; In order to earn these predicates again the horse needs to have enough points; More information is displayed here in the wiki;
  • Fixed the western competitions, the more your horse is trained, the fewer penalties he/she will receive;
  • Display the tested genetics for frame, KIT and agouti correctly on the horse profile;
  • Ordering competition participants by the highest points;
  • Added basic training and the basic training image;
  • Send your horse to a new level, when all exercises for one level are fulfilled;
  • Id's of wild park owners are now found by their usernames, same goes for Caroll in the automatic foundation foals page;
  • Feral catch now shows "you've caught a horse" message instead of "1";
  • The riding school's experience bar is fixed to stay within the bar;
  • Cannot train or take care of horses that aren't yours;
  • Turned off the "chat" page, since there is no chat yet;
  • Display only your own notifications, and not everyone's notifications in your messages;
  • Get the horses of each market that are located in the estate where the market is;
  • Automatically fly horses to the new estate after buying;
  • After a horse gave birth, automatically add the foal into the right estate and location;
  • Altered the CSS of the user profile, to make sure the tabs are clickable;
  • Fixed the experience in the train bars for exercises on the horse profiles;
  • Change the level of a horse only if you are the owner;
  • Fix the cronjobs of birthing foals, sending horses to their new owners after a trade has ended (all of these things will happen each 30 minutes, so sometimes you have to wait a bit);

Game Art

  • Received two new breeds;
  • Received 4 new linearts for new breeds and 3 linearts for tack sets from Jullelin;
  • Received and integrated the new city map.