Devlog: September update

Devlog: September update

24 Sep 2017

Summer was a very busy time for us. Between the normal daily activities and work, nearly every free hour was fully planned. Thankfully we managed to go on two weeks of holiday in-between for a little break, and now we’re back with Horse Reality! As you may have noticed on our social media, we had a big update planned for this weekend. 

We already reported we would give you three new breeds: the Suffolk punch, Kladruber horse and the Icelandic horse. But you may have noticed we actually added a fourth: the Fjord horse! This was a little surprise on our side for you all. You’ve all been so patient with us and been helping us to make Horse Reality a great game, we figured you deserve this little gift from us.

But the biggest thing we’ve been working on were the functionalities for the companies. They’re still only working partially, so we’ll explain here.

After finishing a course at the university, every player may start a company. Depending on the course you took, you can have internal tasks, provide services to other players, or do both. Internal tasks are tasks that allow you to create items, which can be sold later. Providing services pretty much speaks for itself, you will be able to provide your services to other players.

If you want to create a company, you will need to have some funds first. You also need a business name, a location and a starting capital in the bank in order to pay for your incoming bills. Depending on the course you took, the starting funds might be more or less expensive than others.

As of this moment, you can create a company once you have the funds. However, only the companies that have internal tasks are functioning yet (laboratory, horse feed producer, blacksmith). If your choice of study doesn’t provide this yet, you might want to use your money for other things first, rather than starting a company that does not yet work.

If you followed a course that included the internal tasks, you can start creating new items with the start capital you have. However, you cannot deposit or withdraw money from the business bank account yet. We’re still working on that feature, so at a certain point, you’ll need to wait until that functionality is added, to continue your work.

As you can see, the companies are still a work in progress. Our biggest problem is moulding the current services (veterinarian, laboratory, trainer) in such a way that players are actually the ones to handle the requests. If you guys have any special ideas on that, please let us know on the “ideas board” in the forum.



  • 4 new breeds: Icelandic Horse, Suffolk Punch, Kladruber Horse and Fjord Horse (extra surprise);
  • Simple search function for the market (breed, age, sex);
  • Daily rent of the bank. If money is deposited to the savings account, you’ll receive rent at 03.00 if you have been online in the last 24 hours;
  • Opened up some areas in the world map: Wholesaler, Laboratory (not functional), Horse Feed Producer (not functional);
  • Companies:
    • Create a company if you have the right amount of money
    • Companies with internal tasks can start creating items: laboratory, horse feed producer and blacksmith.
  • The statistics page now also shows the amount of mares in foal and total amount of HRC in game;
  • We received 5 new breed linearts and 5 new breed greyscales (including the Icelandic horse and Fjord horse) in the last few months.


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the blocks in the foundation store and items store when the names of horses are too long;
  • Training exercises are now all aligned to the left;
  • Foundation horses will have a maximum of 4 in the store. If there are too many horses, new foals won’t be generated anymore until there are only 4 horses left;
  • Fixed the stable capacity bug, where you couldn’t buy horses of the foundation or wildlife parks when you still had one stable left;
  • The number of online users being shown is now equal to the number of users displayed on the online page;
  • Added measurements for the avatar / banner, for those who want to upload those on their user profile;
  • Bar of the horses will be orange / red when they’re thirsty and need to be refilled;
  • Competitions now show all levels, rather than just Training;
  • Foundation store:
    • Horses are sold with 100% energy and fitness now.
    • Foals are at least 6 months old before they can be sold.
  • Wildlife parks:
    • Horses have at least 100% fitness after they’re caught.
    • Horses are between 6 months and 4 years old again.
  • Forum:
    • Topics that are closed, aren’t shown nor counted anymore in the list of topics.
    • Sort the most recent topics on top. This works now but is pretty slow, so I might check it again. It also seems that there is still something wrong going on with the displaying of topics that don't have comments yet.
  • Managing stable blocks from 1 place on the horse’s page. They can be created, renamed or deleted. After deleting, horses will move back to the stable block “undefined” automatically;
  • The university homepage is a bit differently designed and you receive notifications the new way (in the bottom right corner of the page). We try to implement that way of notifying in the whole website;
  • The language file is updated to show distinctions for the Dutch language (balance and breed);
  • You receive a message when a horse has passed away of old-age. We don’t have a place to display passed horses yet. This will be added to our to-do list;
  • The 404 Error page displays normally now.

What is our next plan? We want to continue the work on the companies, but feel that a few other things are needing our attention first. The code for the game is written in a way that doesn’t allow us to easily deploy code to both games (.com and .nl). Thus, the first thing Deloryan wants to do is optimize it all, so we can start deploying everything simultaneously. This means that the .com and .nl would start to have updates on the same days. As each update would cost a bit less time, we have an extra day left each month to work on bugs, new functions and artwork.

Besides that, we feel that creating a moderating system is the most needed now. At the moment Deloryan needs to check everything manually in the server when players send a warning about possible cheaters. It’s taking a lot of time to check each person (about +/- 2-3 hours each). Which is why this will be our next priority item to do.