Development blog: November

Development blog: November

01 Dec 2017

Summer has come and gone while fall is almost over! We’ve got loads of updates, bug fixes, and site updates since our last dev blog for you guys. Keep reading below to see what we’ve been up to at Horse Reality.

Since the Delta Store isn’t up and running yet, we’ve added a non-intrusive ad at the bottom of the page. With the current amount of players, we earn a decent amount which will allow us to either upgrade our current server one step higher OR create a new server with all the same settings and move one of the games to the empty server. You don't have to click the ads, they simply have to be visible. So if you guys could disable the adblocker for Horse Reality, you would really help us out with the server costs! Depending on the amount we earn, we might even be able to buy at least one extra lineart or greyscale each month.

Along with adding the ad, we’ve done some redesigning in the horse profile page for the "achievements tab".

Some of the genes were combined into one gene for easy display. These were the "back" and "legs". We've pulled them apart (from how they were originally) and they now show separately. Back has been separated into Back and Shoulders while legs were separated into Front legs and Hindquarters. We hope these changes will make things a bit clearer now. We’ve also changed the sizing of the table that displayed the last 25 shows to make it a bit smaller and added the competition results in there too.

As mentioned in our last dev blog, we’ve done some upgrading to the coding of the game. This should help make some of the pages faster and we are always actively working on this to optimize the game for you guys.  


  • CMS updates. Only visible for Deloryan and Tamara;

  • Added Google Adsense in NL and COM version;

    • This is to help us gain extra funds for the site!

  • Added Mollie Payments to Horse Reality;

    • Currently in admin test mode only;

  • Updated the TinyMCE (text editor used in the game);

  • Receive rewards after competitions end;

    • You can now win some money when you enter in competitions. The higher the level, the bigger the rewards;

  • When conformation shows are finished, a Day Champion will be picked out of the entire show;

  • Rewrote the code for caretaking of the horses on the horse profile to make it faster;

  • Rewrote the code that fetches the horse’s information from the database to make it faster.

Bug fixes

  • Removed the typo from the phone number on our contact page;

  • Fixed some HTTPS errors;

  • Use the correct function to fetch a user's stable capacity when entering the Wildlife Park. You should be able to enter the park if you have 49/50 horses now;

  • Fixed category and subcategory deletion in your topic when a post was edited;

  • Sending the correct message when you breed a horse. Foals are now born between 13,5 - 17 real life days, instead of 14 - 17 days;

  • Added the closing div on horse profiles to display the ads correctly on the bottom of the page;

  • Sending the correct message once a horse is stillborn (born & died at the same moment). Do not worry about this, it was an error on the Dutch version. Already fixed. Only horses born with OLW/OLW should still die at birth. We still don't have any illnesses or failed births in the game yet;

  • Veterinarian health check is working again;

  • Removed some unnecessary data from the breeding pages (on the backend, you guys won't see a difference);

  • Correct trade link is displayed in stable blocks. No more "This trade is invalid" when you click the link;

  • Market search function: Include the correct page URL when clicked on the last page;

  • You receive an error notification when you try to retire a horse that is still up for sale;

  • You receive an error notification when you try to enter a show/competition with a horse that doesn't have enough energy;

  • Displaying the correct company info on user profiles. Each player with a company has their own company on their profiles now;

  • The logout page doesn't give a 404 Error anymore;

  • You can finally change your password on the user settings page. Before it kept saying the old password was incorrect;

  • Your horse’s date of death is updated when you age the horse with Delta Points;

  • Fixed double entries in shows/competitions;

  • Horses cannot go over 100% affection / physical fitness or training anymore;

  • You now receive a notification when entering a horse in a show/competition;

  • Added "types" into Delta Points transaction to show difference between the IN and OUT-going transactions;

  • Increased the execution time for Cronjobs by 5 minutes instead of 30 sec. Doing so should help the bank interest and the creation of new shows/competitions, as well as sending everyone their rewards after they’re finished;

  • You now receive a message & a notification what will be counted together (2), instead of only displaying one of them;

  • You can now use special characters in your horse's names;

  • Horses now display "months" in their age too. Ages show up as 1 year, 10 months for example;

  • Foundation horses without names have found their names again. Their names will show up on their profiles or on pedigrees now.