Next week on Kickstarter

Next week on Kickstarter

26 Jan 2018

We hope you guys had a wonderful holiday season. At Horse Reality, we’ve been working on some behind the scenes goodies that are sure to get you excited! You guys may have noticed that a little while back Deloryan posted asking for your opinion about some possible Kickstarter rewards. You guys responded and we’re listening!

Horse Reality will be coming to Kickstarter February 2nd!

Our current goal is €5.000 which is about $6.200 USD. This will allow us to get a dedicated server for more or less a year. It also allows Deloryan to start working a 24h workweek at her workplace, rather than 32h. Meaning that she could start working 2 days a week on Horse Reality instead of one day a week. We'd be able to add the disciplines eventing and endurance, and two new breeds (Trakehner and Welsh pony). The amount also includes the 10% Kickstarter fee.

Earlier this week, we talked about a period when we would close the game. Due to new circumstances, this closure won't be necessary.

We came up with this idea due to the new privacy law that takes effect on the 25th of May. We still need to make quite some adjustments for that. Due to Deloryan's limited time, we felt closing temporarily was the best way to handle this. We wouldn't risk any fines and she would be able to work without being disturbed. However, there has been a drastic change. As of March, Deloryan will start a 24-hour workweek (instead of 32h) and as of May 2018, she will no longer work at her current employer. Meaning that there is a lot more time to work on Horse Reality and closing the game will no longer be needed.

Kickstarter Rewards

We’ve completed the rewards we’re offering, you can find them below along with our stretch goals. Once the game Officially opens, you can claim your Kickstarter Rewards.

You might notice a "premium-account" added in there. As you know, we're not a fan of pay-2-win mechanisms. So in Horse Reality, the premium account will contain options to make "life" a bit easier for you on here. You won't see the advertisements on the bottom of the site, you can have a 2 sentence length footnote on the forum and you'll receive a "select all" button when you are in need of services (veterinarian check-ups, colour checks, etc). 

*Rules apply to this tier. The user ID number will be assigned automatically and will be below #100. You cannot choose the number yourself.

*Rules apply to this tier. You may select an existing breed of Horse Reality and send us a picture of a horse with white markings and a white pattern, that we'll recreate in the breed. Be aware, the markings and pattern need to fit the breed in reality. Meaning that you cannot choose Appaloosa patterns for Friesians, as they simply don't exist in the breed. The user ID number will be assigned automatically and will be below #25.

*Rules apply to this tier. Including the rules of the "Custom whites tier". The user ID number will be assigned automatically and will be below #10. The breeds listed here have already been greyscaled. Don't pick these: American Paint Horse, Brumby Horse, Cleveland Bay, Hanoverian, Kathiawari, Knabstrupper, Noriker, Shetland Pony, Thoroughbred, Trakehner, Welsh Pony. 

*Rules apply to this tier. Including the rules of the "Pick the next breed tier". You'll receive user ID number #4. You can choose which NPC you would like to "design". You can work with us to create a mood board of something you'd like to see as an NPC. Our artists will then draw the NPC for you based on the mood board.

Current Goal & Stretch Goals

We’ve also finalized our stretch goals! These will help us really bring Horse Reality to the next level if we can reach these. The more we earn, the more time we can spend on the development of the game.

Stretch Goal 1 (€7.500 or $9319.20)

Reaching this stretch goal will allow us to add location-based backgrounds to horse profiles which are similar to the Wildlife Parks. Complete all the artwork for our achievement badges so you can start earning and collecting them. We’ll add flat racing and driving to the game, including all of the necessary tack. The breed we would add to the game at this point would be the Cleveland Bay.

Stretch Goal 2 (€10.000 or $12425.60)
After reaching this goal we’ll be able to make Horse Reality mobile friendly so you can take you horses everywhere with you. We included this since a lot of you have asked for it! We’ll also be able to finish all art for the NPC’s and we’ll add the Shetland Pony to the game. 

Stretch Goal 3 (€15.000 or $18638.40)

If we’re able to reach this stretch goal, all the city maps will be redrawn to represent their continent. We’ll be adding 3 more disciplines to the game as well as the Noriker and Lippizaner horse! We'll create a poll in order to select the 3 disciplines were going to add at this stage. This stretch goal will also enable us to add a German version to the game!