April fool's joke & updates

April fool's joke & updates

20 Apr 2018

Did you guys enjoy our April Fool’s joke? We hope so because we sure got a good laugh out of it! On a more serious note, we have lots to talk about in our April update for some of the upcoming goodies to Horse Reality.

From the 28th of April to the 18th of May Deloryan is out of office going on a 3-week holiday! She won't go as far as the North Pole, but she will be completely disconnected from her laptop and inbox until her return. Both the social media accounts and the emails will be checked regularly by Tasinei to make sure things continue to run smoothly during Deloryan’s holiday.

We will not be able to transfer the game to the new server yet as we ran into some complications which need to be taken care of first. Koen who did the last server transfer is currently on a work-trip and will join Deloryan on her holiday next week, giving them too little time to do the transfer.

We are negotiating with a third party at the moment, who will most likely take over the server maintenance and a few other responsibilities later on. We didn’t have enough time to completely set this up before Deloryan's holiday, but hopefully, everything with the third party will work out fine. If it works out we can just talk to them when we need updates or changes done. That way, we don’t have to do that ourselves anymore, giving us more time to focus on other important tasks for HR.

Now for some exciting things!

The new breed that was requested by one of our backers will be the Finnhorse! We’ve already received images of them and are waiting on our backers’ response for approval. After that, they’ll be the first breed we’re going to work on when the current work of the artist is done!

Pepper has started to work on the images for the university, Jullelin has started the racing and driving tack, whilst also drawing 2 new breeds (including the Finnhorse), one of our Dutch players will probably join the artist team and start greyscaling horses for us too. This means we will have 3 greyscale artists working for Horse Reality, which is great as it allows us to add new breeds faster.

Tamara is also gradually continuing the colouring of the Welsh Pony and will work on the Cleveland Bay after that.

We’ve got a lot going on and still much to work on in the coming months. We will be keeping you guys updated as much as we can throughout the process!

We’ve also got a few things on our to-do list that are ready to go live soon. Some of these include: fixing the CSS on the to-do list, the ability to do basic training with an adult horse without a discipline, making sure there is no character limit for company names, and we’re partially done with the general data protection regulation todo list.

Items from the todo list that are ready to go live soon:

  • [DEV-15] No character limit for a company name

  • [DEV-20] Can't do basic training on an adult horse w/o discipline

  • [DEV-24] Missing tail on Suffolk foal

  • [DEV-30] 1-month horse age says: 1 months (instead of 1 month)

  • [DEV-48] Fix the CSS layout on the to-do list

  • [DEV-59] Seeing wildlife park foal genders