Server transfer and May updates

Server transfer and May updates

07 Jun 2018

With summer right around the corner as well as the transfer to the new server, we’ve got a few amazing updates for you guys!

First things first, Deloryan has returned from her vacation and is working on the server transfer which is coming along quite well. So well, in fact, that we’ll be transferring everything this Friday! That means the server will be blocked for a couple of hours, and keep in mind the game will be down as well.

Work will take place between 10 AM and 5 PM (CEST), and we’ll let you know when the server goes down via our Social Media channels. Bare with us as we try to get everything going smoothly and as fast as possible!

We have also updated our privacy policy and also our terms of use as required by the new GDPR law in Europe. Please read them carefully. You might notice some things are written in there that aren't in the game yet (like the Delta Store). Some of these are in the works and will enter the game shortly.

For those who haven’t seen Deloryan’s update in the forums, we’ve got an official discord server everyone can join! Come to hang out and chat with us at We’re excited to meet everyone!

May was a good month for our art stash. Our artists have been working on several nice additions to the game! We’ve received the greyscales for the Lusitano and American Miniature last month. Those of you following our Instagram might have already seen a small sneak peek of the Lusitano stallion. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, you are reading it correctly. We’ve received not one, but two new breeds! This is due to a new addition to the team. Please welcome Julia, one of the Dutch players! As of last month, she will be joining the art team and will focus on drawing new breeds.

Our two other artists are focussing on drawing icons, badges and backgrounds. As we promised in our Kickstarter, we’d add location-based backgrounds for the horse profiles if we managed to reach the 1st stretch goal. Chutkat is working on these and send us a preview of the African background. We can tell you, it’s gorgeous! Pepper is working on the icons for the university. She's just finished the first 20 classes and it shouldn’t be too long before they’re added to the game.

The fun doesn’t end there, more art is still on the way. We’ll be sure to give you some sneak peeks in the next update as well!

Bug fixes from todo list:

  • Added a "rejected" tag for the todo list (in case something from the ideas board cannot be used);
  • [DEV-48] Fixed the CSS layout on the todo list;
  • [DEV-45] General Data Protection Regulation todo list - Adding RECAPTCHA (to prevent all the bots from spamming us);
  • [DEV-20] Can't do basic training on an adult horse w/o discipline (basic training is now even mandatory before you can pick a discipline. Horses who already have a discipline selected are unaffected);
  • [DEV-24] Missing tail on Suffolk foal (no more broken images);
  • [DEV-15] No character limit for the company name (you now get an error message if the name is too long upon creating a company);
  • [DEV-30] 1-month-old horses now have age: 1 month displayed (instead of 1 months)
  • [DEV-59] Seeing wildlife park foal genders (it's a bit ugly right now but will be fixed at a later date)
  • Bugfix: Sessions update.
  • [DEV-13] Long load times for horse pages (update code to use ajax instead of reloading page)
  • Bugfix: CSS [ol] change for privacy policy
  • Update social media links on the contact page
  • [DEV-54] Added a notes section and tagline on horse profile (TODO: notes area on profile and having tagline show up in places where horse names are used)