Competitions and shows revamp

Competitions and shows revamp

10 Jul 2018

It’s been a hot start to the summer with the recent heat wave. We didn’t mind staying comfortably inside working away on the game!

As many of you know, Horse Reality has officially finished it’s transition to the new servers. Everything is running a lot smoother than before, but we’re still working on some of the hiccups we’ve encountered. It’s still not perfect but it’s getting better every day! Deloryan has dedicated almost all her time to fixing and cleaning the code up and it’s paying off.

The competitions and shows were closed as of June 12th but should be back up as you read this update. Everything should be running smoothly but if you find any bugs please let us know in the bugs board.

The Day Champion bug has been fixed and, as a reminder, the Day Champion is the horse with the most points in a conformation show. In order to become a Day Champion, there need to be at least 10 entries in the same conformation show. Day Champions can win some pretty amazing stuff. You get a 10% chance on getting 1 DP, a 10% chance on getting 1 FT, a 10% chance on getting 1 WT, and a 70% chance on getting 250 coins as a prize for becoming Day champion.

We’ve given the shows a revamp. The "movement" shows are taken out, leaving us with only the exterior categories (foals, mares and stallions). The movement shows and the way people see the talent predicates are not working the way Deloryan intended and thus they’ll be getting their own revamp as well. 

Since redesigning the shows, a lot of you mentioned that horses were getting higher scores than before. Thus we dug a bit into the old code and compared this to the new one. Apparently, there was a mistake in the old code which wasn't seen before. By recoding this section we automatically fixed the mistake without even noticing. The score you are seeing right now is the score your horse was meant to have all along!

Deloryan will also be focusing her time on getting the game base ready for release. Her priorities will be:

  • Competitions and conformation shows
  • Taking care of horses (training, grooming, feeding, wearing tack)
  • Stud service
  • Companies running (services and creating items)
  • Rewrite the market so you can also sell semen, DP, FT and WT
  • Rewrite all the code to get the site functioning normally without any errors in between
  • If everything works normally, get the Delta Store up and running

After all that is done, she will be focussing more on the in-depth additions to the game. Some of these features include travelling with horses and competing on international level, clubs in the game, special events, etc. A game like this is never finished, so we will always keep on updating and adding new things to HR. Next blog we’ll get into the details and show you our planning for the next few months.

A small update on our closing date and a reminder for our official release. The closing date has been moved to September 3rd so that we can clean-up the game for its release. This grants you guys a few extra days to maybe finish up some final things. If you backed our Kickstarter, the Early Access to the game will be October 1st! For everyone else, the official opening of the game is on October 8th!

Don’t forget to join us on our official Discord server if you haven’t done so! You can find the link at We love talking to you guys so don’t be shy!

Until next time!