Genetic Potential Recode!

Genetic Potential Recode!

16 Jul 2018

For the past week, we’ve been working on rewriting the Genetic Potential to make you understand better what it’s all about. The reason why it is so difficult to understand is due to the 25 hidden genes that are inside each horse. They had been combined to form 6 traits, but in the competitions we still used the 25 hidden genes, rather than these 6 traits. This was making it harder for you to understand what is used and how you should breed for a certain discipline.

With this new code, we’ve combined the 25 hidden genes into 7 traits (we’ve added strength). These new traits are: Agility, Balance, Intelligence, Power, Speed, Stamina and Strength

However, during this process, the genes that were inserted into other GP traits had to be pulled apart to support the new traits. In the final version, I won’t be working with these under laying genes anymore, and it’ll be “just” these 7 traits. Making it a lot easier to understand and to breed for.

We know that power and strength resemble each other, but we still felt the need for a different trait to be used. As power could be the “engine” of the horse. The power to move forward or the power to make a good jump, whereas strength will be used for tough horses, such as the strength to carry weight. We hope that this difference is clear enough, as it could be a bit confusing to understand the difference. Strength will mostly be used for big, bulky horses and power for jumping and racing sports.

When we made the game we felt that a lot of traits needed to be used for the horses, but in the end, it simply makes it overly complicated. In order to make things a bit more understandable for everyone, we divided them into 7 traits. For now, the hidden genes are still there and divided into these 7 traits, but, like mentioned, in the final game they will be removed and we’ll give horses these 7 traits as “genes”.

Since we were using the hidden genes instead of the GP traits that were visible to you guys, it made it harder to explain which trait was used for a discipline. Since these hidden genes were used, there wasn’t a way to tell what you should breed for. Thus with this new development, we decided to rewrite the competition calculations.

Each discipline now has its own set of traits that are used in the calculation of scores instead of using the hidden genes separately. This should make it easier for you to breed for certain disciplines and makes it easier to decide which discipline your horse should ride.

Having these new GP stats, we’ve also added a “breeders advice” to the horses. This is simply advice the breeder gives you. Depending on the advice given, you can pick a discipline for the horse. We’ve lowered the standards a bit. Instead of having 75+ points to be good in a discipline, it’s now 70 points and above. It’s where you would normally receive a talent predicate. Since it'll be clearer to see what sport you should use your horse for with this new system, the talent predicates will be dropped.

To get an idea of how the new calculations for the competitions work, please look at the adjusted wiki page:

Feel free to ask questions if something is not clear and we’ll make sure to adjust the wiki with more information if needed.

Features + bugfixes:

  • Rewritten competition calculations
  • Rewritten Genetic Potential
  • Genetic Potential total is automatically calculated for you
  • Search by discipline in the horse market
  • University Subjects now have images
  • Display taglines almost everywhere you need it.
  • Horse Overview page:
    • Exclamation marks if not yet taken care of horse
    • Display energy
    • Display age
    • Display tagline
  • User profile shows tagline for horses
  • Todo list: don’t make the closed or rejected items visible anymore to make the list a lot smaller. If a new error arises, just create new todo item
  • University: most subjects now have images, we're waiting for the final 15 to come back from our artist!