What is needed prior to the official opening?!

What is needed prior to the official opening?!

20 Jul 2018

We've got another update for you this week! This time the update is all about what still needs to be done before we can go live. Grab a glass of ice tea, get comfortable, and take your time, as this is a long post.

A quick recap of the last 1,5 years. For those who don’t know yet, Horse Reality has been running in Open Beta since February 2017. The game has been open for registration and everyone who joined in was helping us test the game. You’ve all provided us with great feedback to improve the game and let us know about the bugs. This February we started a Kickstarter Campaign to fund and help us get the game finished. It was a success! However, this means that the beta will soon be over and the game will need to be cleaned up.

On September 3rd, 2018, we’ll be closing the beta and cleaning the whole server. Yes, this means that your horses, your stables, and account will be completely wiped and all your progress will be deleted. We understand that you may feel sad that your hard work and horses will be gone, but we hope you will enjoy the game the way it is meant it to be. We’ll make sure to save your username and estate name for you. As long as you use the same email address as you use now, you can choose to start with your old names or choose new ones.

Important dates

  • Sept 3rd - Closing Date - Everything will be wiped
  • Oct 1st - Early Access Opening
  • Oct 8th - Official Opening

Now, to get you filled in on the details. Down below you’ll read all about the things we’re currently working on and that we’ll finish before releasing the game. In order to get ready for October, we’ll be working in sprints. Where each week is one sprint. Usually, we finish all development items on Thursday, leaving us with Friday for testing and bug fixing. Once it is working correctly, we’ll upload it to the game (which is usually Monday or Tuesday). Even after thorough testing, a bug can slip through though, so don’t forget to let us know via the bug board on the forum!

The most important parts that we need to finish are the stud service and the player companies. We’re currently working on the stud services which should find it’s way into the game next week. The service itself is finished, but we’ll need to build a search function as well so you’re actually able to find available studs ;) You will be able to select Coins, Delta Points, Foundation Tickets or Wildlife Tickets as payment. For example, you could select my stud X for studding and pay in Coins or DP if that’s what I selected. The owner gets to select the amount and payments he or she would like to accept.

Image: work-in-progress of the stud page.

As for the services (blacksmith, laboratory, veterinarian, and riding school), they still need to have their images added, rather than the big red blocks you’ve been seeing all this time… As well as the images when you are creating something in your company. Our artist Pepper has just finished the images for the university and will now start working her way through the remaining artwork.

Image: The images for the university are added, in the example you're seeing the horse nutrition and farming course.

Besides the images getting done, the companies themselves need to get finished. We’ll add the ability to deposit and withdraw money from the company bank and fix some bugs that are still in the company itself. We’ll make sure that all tasks are handled automatically in the company as long as you have enough materials in the inventory to complete these tasks. We’ll also make sure that you’re able to select to which company you’d like to go instead of the default NPC company. We will add the option to abort unwanted foals to the vet page. Also, once horse trainers are added, they’ll be able to train a maximum amount of horses at the same time and you can go to a trainer to “break” feral horses and have them finish the basic training for your domesticated horses. A horse trainer will have an advantage and train these horses faster than a normal player can. This is especially convenient for older horses who didn’t start with the basic training as a foal! We’ll give more details on that later on.

The Welsh Pony needs some white patterns to be finished, SW1, Sabino. and Rabicano to be exact, so it's not far off from being finished. Lucky for us, we have a new artist that is helping us colour the greyscales! The Finn horse was requested by the Kickstarter Backer that selected the “pick the next breed” reward. One of the artists is still working on the greyscales, but once it comes in, we’ll start colouring! Hopefully, with the new artist, the colouring process will go a bit more quickly now, giving us the chance to finish some remaining breeds as well.

Image: Europe (new background) + Welsh Pony mare (grey) and foal (bay)

Other exciting news is that the Delta Store is also on our list. We still need to add a way to buy Delta Points with real money, exchange DP for in-game items, and create an item to add special backgrounds to horse profiles. Oh and don’t forget the premium accounts! Do you have any ideas regarding this, without becoming a pay-2-win thing?

As you might know, the disciplines are also getting a bit of love! We’ll add driving, eventing, endurance, and flat racing to the game. For the new disciplines, this also involves adding them on the horse profiles to select and creating and adding the accompanying tack to the Equistore. They will also need exercises, levels and calculations to use for the competitions.

If you participated in our Kickstarter, this next part concerns the things on the to-do list for the Early Access. We need to generate Early Access Codes and then send them out to Kickstarter Backers, which is probably mid-September, about 2 weeks prior to the opening of the Early Access.

Horses will be able to wear tack. Not necessarily visible on the horse as that is too time-consuming for now due to the amount of artwork. We’d need to alter each tack item to fit on each horse image. With every breed having 2 different images for their adult versions, it would take a lot of time to create and alter these tack items to fit. For now, you will be able to select the tack on your horse, but it won’t be visible on the horse itself.

We're going to remove colour testing from horse profiles and move it to the laboratory. We'll be assigning mandatory training to the horse trainer for feral horses and make sure that horses actually need food, meaning that you’d need to buy food at the Equistore in order to feed them. Rather than only clicking the feed button. We will do a final check on the Genetic Potential again, based on the feedback we’ve received from the latest update (if you’re not up to speed yet, read it here) to see if it’s working as intended. Finally, make sure you can still train a horse after the training has been completed.

Inventories will also be getting a makeover so that items are displayed normally. We're also going to improve the market to trade items, Delta Points, Foundation Tickets, and Wildlife Tickets as well.

As you can see, this is a rather massive update on what needs to be done. Luckily we have gathered quite a good team working their way through all of it!

Can I get a big shout out for the team!?

  • Deloryan who is researching and developing everything;
  • Tamara who is colouring horses and performing research;
  • Pepper who is creating the gorgeous items and icons;
  • Jullelin who draws all linearts for the horses and tack;
  • Chutkat who is designing amazing backgrounds and rewards;
  • Soihtu and Julia who are drawing marvellous greyscales for the horses;
  • Our newest addition Jessy who colours the horses;
  • And last but not least, Tanya, who is writing for our blogs and social media channels;

Without the team, the game wouldn’t exist in the way it is now! We’re super grateful to have found everyone and to be able to work together on this realistic horse game <3

Let’s keep up the pace have a good go-live in October!