Closing day!

Closing day!

03 Sep 2018

Today is the day! We’ll be we striving to close the game in the morning, but we may run a bit late due to last week's circumstances. You will not be able to login anymore, however, you can keep viewing the website before the login area. All horses will be deleted, the forum will be cleared and basically, all people who are currently registered will be deleted as well.

We’ll keep a separate table with the current usernames + estate names + email addresses, so you are able to use the same names upon registration later on again. Upon registering you need to use the same e-mail address as you have used now in order to receive the beta rewards (which will remain a secret for now). The same goes for keeping your estate name and/or username. 

We’ll reserve all names for all of our beta players up to 3 months after opening. After that, we’ll delete the “reserved” table and all names become available again. This is simply to keep a neat and clean database. So if you have played the beta and won’t start again in the official game, everything which is now registered in the database will be cleared after the 3-months mark has been hit.

We strive to send all Early Access Keys that we need to give out in the 3rd week of September. When Early Access opens, we’ll make sure to send all players with an Early Access Key a reminder that the game is open. The same goes of course for the Official Opening. We’ll make sure to send all current beta players a reminder that we have reopened as well.

Check our social media/website regularly to keep up to date and make sure you are connected to our Discord Channel: are both Dutch and English channels inside our Discord.