Our program for the next 30 days!

Our program for the next 30 days!

14 Nov 2018

Hi everyone!

We had a really big meeting about the concerns, questions and suggestions that we have received and we have decided to put together a 30-day schedule of all the things that we will be working on to implement and fix in the game. We can’t guarantee that all of these will be 100% completed by the end of these 30 days, but these are our goals. We’ve omitted bugs on here but we’re always working on those.

Chutkat: Working on a surprise;
Pepper: Working on DP items for the Delta Store;
Hayley: Working on the level 3 tack items;

Game development:
Unfortunately, due to a bug in the system, players were able to purchase more than 25 stables with coins. That’s why there was some confusion coming from with the wording. We will be adding a fix to this which will properly keep count of how many stables are purchased with coins. The extra stables that were purchased will be removed from estates and the money will be returned to accounts. So with the fix, after purchasing 25 stables with coins, you'll need to purchase them with DP.

Coder: We may have possibly found a second coder for HR, however, we still need certain things to be worked out before we hire them. If all goes well though, you should be seeing them around!

Delta Store:

  • See if we can add USD;
  • Add the DP images to the store;
  • A Christmas surprise;
  • Milestones: Making sure the milestones work properly;

Currency exchange:

  • Creating an area in the game to trade currencies (WT for FT, FT for DP, etc)

Shows & Competitions fixed:

  • Increasing coin rewards;
  • Eventing, endurance, driving and flat racing check scoring;

Add round pen to the estate:

  • Ability to add a horse in there -> quickly boost fitness;


  • Update the search;
  • Ability to select your own time frame for sales (day 1 - day 7);
  • Starting minimum of 1000 (+ transport = 1500 total) on sales;
  • Minimum bids of +500;


  • Check the amounts / recipes from the companies and make sure they are evened out a bit;
  • Add the service areas;


  • Cheat system: improve further;
  • Make sure to add “permanent bans”;
    • Move horses to retirement home;
    • Clear out any currencies;
    • Automatically remove studs and sales upon banning;
  • Ability to send warnings;
  • Check the current cheaters / reports (Standing at 11 pages long atm);


  • Add chat mods (2 month trial);
  • Staff rules;
  • Sent out an announcement to apply for mod;
  • Change new rules for Discord;
  • Wiki community gathering;


  • Add a “how to report cheaters” sticky;
  • Add an Updates/News forum;
  • Add a how to add a screenshot section;
  • For ideas: Add polls / support / no support area;
  • Add a moderator board (visible to mods only);
  • Moderator apply area;
  • Ability to have “trial mods” (2 months);

So this is that we will be working on! If you have any questions feel free to message us on Discord or on the forum.