Horse Reality's Early Access has officially launched! While we have tried to fix as many bugs as possible, there might have slipped some things passed us. Any bugs or errors you encounter can be mentioned in the bug reports board on the forum.

In case you have played the beta game, make sure to use the email address you've used previously in order to receive your beta rewards. When you use your old email address, you should see your username and estate name pop up. If they don't, your username and/or estate name might have used special characters, which wasn't compatible with our new database. But no worries, you will still receive the beta rewards as long as you used the correct mail address!

These are the beta player rewards:

  • 25 HRC per day you've played beta;
  • 1 FT & 1 WT per 14 days you've played beta;
  • 1 DP per 30 days you've played beta;
  • We reserve your username and estate name for you up to 3 months after the Official Opening.

Note: You are only allowed to have 1 account per server! If you have family members playing the game as well, make sure you don't trade between each other as it looks like cheating.

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