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Admins and moderators


Horse Reality likes to retain a good-natured, friendly, helpful and fun community. Respect, courtesy and politeness are strongly encouraged on Horse Reality. We have a zero-tolerance policy for rudeness and will not accept foul behaviour from our players. Players are expected to act respectfully and honestly towards every other person on the game, including other players and site staff.

Please be reminded that the number one language of this game is English. All players are expected to speak in English. Content written in other languages is not permitted (with the exception of song titles, poems and quotes).

When in doubt following the rules, contact one of the administrators or moderators.

  • Read the rules and guidelines of each forum section.

  • English is the only language to be used on the COM version of the website.

  • All Horse Reality subjects should be suitable for players 13 years and up.

    • Swearing and cursing is not allowed.

  • Respect other members, moderators, and staff. This includes:

    • Treating each other with respect

    • Being kind

    • Remain civil and constructive when engaging in discussions 

  • You may not discriminate, harass, or defame other members or staff. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Insult or refer to others in a degrading manner

    • Repeatedly or maliciously using the contact form to target a member

    • Provoking others

    • Threatening others

    • Publicly posting issues you may have with others whether they are mentioned or not

    • Promoting hateful, spiteful, or discriminatory views or actions against others. This refers but is not limited to:

      • Any race, nation, or culture

      • Any aspect of sexual orientation or gender identity

      • Religions or religious figures

      • Physical or mental disabilities

  • You may not post or share the following: 

    • Content that infringes on any third party rights

    • Public blacklists

    • User callouts

    • Real-life personal information about yourself, other members, people you know, or staff

    • Content which involves the use of illegal drugs or performing illegal activities

    • Content that refers to sexual acts, pornography, inappropriate images or  references to human anatomy

    • Content that refers to violent acts

  • You may not spam the forum. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Posting the same thread/subject across multiple forums, or the same post/response across multiple threads

    • Sending the same message to a member multiple times.

    • Posting solely to increase post count

    • Threads or posts that are in all caps

    • Posting irrelevant content in a thread

  • Until a block and report system is in place, members must do the following if they want another member to stop messaging them:

    • A member may politely and non-aggressively ask another member to stop messaging them via PM. 

    • After sending this stop message, you agree to not contact that member further. This includes replying to the member via PMs or the forum.

    • After receiving a stop message, you agree to not contact that member further. This includes replying to the member via PMs or the forum.

    • If a member replies after sending or receiving a stop message, it should be reported to the staff with screenshots.

  • Begging is considered harassment and includes:

    • Asking members for free things 

    • Asking for donations 

    • Asking others to buy your horse

    • Asking for bids on a horse

  • You may not discuss staff account decisions or account actions in public

  • Threads that are removed or edited are done at moderator discretion with or without prior notice from staff 

  • When a staff member issues a reminder or warning, the behaviour must stop

    • Reminders may be public or sent in private

    • Warnings count against your account and are sent privately.

  • You will receive 3 warnings before you are given a ban

    • 3 warnings of any kind will equal to a 24-hour ban

    • If a user continues to break the rules, a 1-week ban is issued, then a 1-month ban and then a final life ban.

  • It is not allowed to advertise for other browser-based games, start-up discussion threads about other browser-based games, or plan other browser-based games on Horse Reality.

  • You may not scam or falsely advertise to other members.

  • You may not exploit bugs, glitches, or loopholes.

  • You may not impersonate any staff members. All staff members are equipped with a special badge by their avatar. You can also cross-reference usernames with the Credits page at the bottom to see who the staff members are.

  • You may not ask for medical or personal advice.

  • These rules also apply to usernames, estate names, horse names, profiles, and any and all other areas in which you can enter text or add a photo. This also includes but is not limited to links to outside websites or images.

Admins and Moderators

One way to recognize staff is on their profile by role. If the role is not set as “player” or “NPC”, they are automatically site staff. You will also notice special badges on their profiles.

Like mentioned in the Terms of Use (Fair Play): We expect users to use some extent of “common sense” when playing the game. Don't try to find the borders, because there will be consequences.


Last updated on 19 March 2020