Terms of Use

By accessing or using www.horsereality.com (“Horse Reality”,“HR”, “site”, “game”), you (“player”, “user”, “member”) hereby agree to reading, understanding and accept to abide by these Terms of Use (“Terms”) and additional rules linked to this page. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use any of the Horse Reality sites. Any violation of these Terms may result in punishment, including a currency fine, loss of account privileges or a complete banning from Horse Reality. Take your time to carefully read through the Terms listed below as you will be held responsible for your actions should any of these Terms be violated.

These Terms are subject to change at any time with or without prior notice. These changes or additions become effective immediately. Players are immediately bound by any changes made to the Terms and carry their own responsibility to keep updated on the Terms and to make certain that their actions are within Horse Reality's Terms. By continuing the use of Horse Reality, you automatically agree to these Terms.

Account Creation
You must be at least 13 years of age to register an account on Horse Reality. There could be content on Horse Reality that would be inappropriate for younger users. Anyone under the age of 13 must provide parental permission in order to keep their account. Any account discovered to be registered to an underage user without parental permission will be banned and deleted from the game. The player is very welcome to join again after their 13th birthday or when received parental permission.

Each player is permitted access to one account only. Any user discovered operating more than one account will have all their accounts suspended or removed. Horse Reality tracks IP addresses for this and other purposes. If separate users are operating from the same location and/or computer, they are required to contact admin@horsereality.com to discuss the situation before another account is created. Failure to do so might result in suspension or removal of the account(s) since we weren't informed.

Players may not share accounts. The site is not responsible for any game items, site currency, horses or other game assets lost as a result of account sharing. This includes sharing account details with any other player, sibling, child, parent, friend, etc. As a player, you are responsible for your own account - no matter who accesses it or breaks rules. We will not accept excuses that it wasn't you who accessed it because the only person who should be able to access the account is you.

Players cannot share any personally identifiable information on Horse Reality. This includes, but is not limited to phone numbers, address, credit card number, social security number, etc. This is for you own safety.

Accounts are non-transferable. Players are not allowed to trade their account or sell it for real life money, game currency of any kind, or other game accounts, nor can they be given away. If an account is found to have someone else using it other than the original owner, the account will be banned.

Copyright Infringement
All official content created for Horse Reality is copyrighted by Studio Deloryan and Horse Reality. Original artists maintain credit for their work. Usage of official content, including but not limited to, artwork, programming, and written content of the site is prohibited without written permission from Studio Deloryan, with exception of our official Horse Reality Press Kit. Any user discovered to have violated these terms can be held legally accountable. If you suspect someone using Horse Reality content without permission, you are encouraged to contact us to address the issue.

If a player does not own a piece of work that they are posting, or otherwise does not have the correct permissions to use the piece of work, they should not use it anywhere in the game. If a member uses a piece of work on the game with permission, it must have references or citations explaining where it is from. "Piece of work" refers to any photographs, artworks, literary works, video's, etc. Horse Reality will not be held responsible for any user content that infringes copyright; however, we will do our utmost to aid any persons who contact us with a complaint about the copyright infringement of their work. Players are expected to respect these Terms.